Does your property pass the minimum EPC rating?

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As of the 1st April 2018, there will be a minimum energy performance rating for all rented properties. This minimum rating means that on or after the 1st April 2018, if your property has an energy performance rating lower than an E, then it will be unlawful to instruct a new let or a renewal of your tenancy. Doing so will be a breach of the minimum requirement and can result in a civil penalty of up to £4,000. With this in mind, it’s imperative to act sooner rather than later.

Where can I get an EPC?

Energy Performance Certificates, otherwise known as EPC’s, can be organised by contacting an qualified energy surveyor. They will be conduct an inspection of your property and will endeavour to evaluate your properties energy rating. Once completed, they will provide you with a report listing the areas of improvement and also provide helpful tips and recommendations to improve your energy rating.

For those Landlords who use CS Properties, don’t worry!

We adhere to the legal requirements of ensuring we have a copy of your valid energy performance certificate before we even place the property on the market! With that in mind, not only do we have a copy on file for you, we’ll also contact you when it needs renewing – which is once every 10 years!

My energy rating is below the requirement, what should I do?

If the energy performance rating is below the legal requirement, your only option will be to proceed with the recommended improvements listed on your energy performance certificate.

I already have tenants in my property, but is below requirement?

If this is the case, then you will not be able to renew their tenancy at the end of their current fixed term. You will also have until the 1st April 2020 to improve the rating – giving you plenty of time to organise access and works around your tenant’s convenience.

If you aren’t sure if you already have a valid EPC in place for your property, you can check by searching for your property on the EPC register by clicking here.

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